24.7.2021  Added new plant to garden

19.7.2021  Updated journal

26.5.2021  Added links.html, hopefully everything is correct and working properly.

4.10.2020  Updated my site quite a bit. I'm sorry if something doesn't work. I'll update it more soon.

21.7.2020  Background on "Garden" page has been switched back to non-pixelated version, after a complaint from my mother.

31.5.2020   Hello, nice to meet you. I was feeling nostalgic for piczo so I made this. It has changed a lot already... I'm a beginner so I can't do much, but I'm having a lot of fun. I hope you can enjoy what I've done so far. This place inspires me to create, and it feels good to do whatever I want.
I want to do a lot more!!!

15.1.2020  Website created.

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