About Me


Hello. I always click on about pages, so I figured I'd add one to my own site.

I've decided to start being myself. It's a work in progress, kind of like my site.

I like cherries, hearts, gingham... and so on.

I want to be more creative!

EGL fashion

EGL is cool fashion from Japan. My favourite brands are Baby, The Stars Shine Bright & Metamorphose. Back in the day my favourite brand was Angelic Pretty, I was a huge fan of their solid pastel skirts. My style changed a lot over the years, but my dream dress remained the same throughout....

I think I discovered EGL fashion when I was about 14, but I honestly can't remember. I got my first skirt from Bodyline in 2011, when I would have been about 15. It was kind of ugly, and I had nowhere to wear it and no one to wear it with.

In 2013 I got my first second-hand JSK from BtssB, my blue tartan dress. I still love it so much! Over the years I made some skirts myself, but more recently I've been able to start buying more stuff, and that makes me very happy.

I love EGL fashion because I love beautiful clothes, and I love to do what I want. To me, EGL is a style that says "I like to do what I want".

I'm not new to the fashion but I'm relatively new to wearing it on a regular basis, and I still feel new... but now I like to wear it even when I have no one to be with and nowhere to be.

What is the Frump Zone?

a woman whose appearance is considered dowdy or old-fashioned

I love cool fashion, so I want to wear what I think is cool. The Frump Zone is for documenting how my style changes over time, because I enjoy that sort of thing.

The outfits I post will either fall under EGL fashion or simply be inspired by it.

The reason I named my site the "Frump Zone" to begin with is because the name makes me laugh...