19.7.2021  I've felt like I was able to wear the clothes I wanted to a lot recently, but I'm feeling dissatisfied with my way of styling things, so here's a few photos of outfits that I liked!

I look scary haha

After my last post I was sorting through my crafting books and came across these pages with basic instructions for bobbin lace. I didn't even realise I had it! I think I got this book from a friend.

I'd like to try it out, but I'm sure it's difficult.

9.7.2021  More summer outfits... Here's a simple one. I got several compliments for some reason (not that I mind).

This looks kinda bad on the photo... But this is one of my favourite styles of Lolita! I'll have to take a better picture some other time. I also made the weird decision of wearing long sleeves on a hot day, I just really like these sleeves. They're not the worst for when it's hot, since they're airy.
I have only worn Lolita very casually lately, so for a while I didn't have any photos I wanted to post. I don't like shoe-less coords :(

I went to some historical house recently, they had this lace making station on display. Bobbin lace? Looks like it's missing something. I just thought it was cool. It would be a complete dream to learn how to make it... It looks difficult.

14.6.2021  Outfit from last week that I liked

Also wore this for a picnic. I was just really happy to wear this dress again. I wear skirts so much that I think I've forgotten to wear my dresses a bit.

The strap on one of my Demonias is about to snap... I've only had them for 3 years, but hopefully they can be fixed.

5.6.2021  I keep forgetting about ILD. I wore this today, though.

Happy ILD :D

2.6.2021  It got warm.

I'll post some photos from the weekend. I had a nice time with my sister. I don't really have anything else to report, but I have been enjoying the warmth a lot.

21.5.2021  It's a bit warmer now. I'm glad I can finally wear lighter clothes.

I liked the coord I wore today. Just did some shopping... The cinemas opened again so I'll be going as soon as possible.

On a different note, I've been thinking I want to add a page to link to other Neocities. I don't know about old internet etiquette, but I've seen people link to me and I always felt happy, and I think it's about time I do the same. So, that's my next plan.

10.5.2021  I had my birthday.

It was nice. Of course I wore Dream Sky.

The weather hasn't been good lately. It's usually warm on my birthday so it was disappointing.
The shops opened up again. I haven't bought my birthday present yet, though. I'm not in a rush.

23.4.2021  Rambling about memories

Lately I've been thinking about early Lolita memories I have. I remembered something that made me think that maybe my current about section is a bit wrong(not really important)?

Lolita fashion is very famous... and recognisable. I think most people where I grew up had at least heard of Harajuku fashion at some point, even though the idea of it might have been vague. I remember looking up pictures of Gothic Lolita in primary school. It was like admiring a piece of art, with no intention of obtaining it.

I remember trying to make a skirt for the first time, it was a yellow gingham rectangle skirt! Except I didn't know how to sew yet and it completely failed so I ended up throwing it away. I wonder if I was 14 or 15 then.

Over the years I got more and more interested in fashion, and was completely on the pastel craze from about 2012. After I moved out I only wanted to wear black... Now I like to wear almost anything.

I didn't always closely pay attention to Lolita fashion over the years, but it kept finding me!!! That's what I'm trying to say here. It's always been there, and I didn't think much of it at first other than it being cool and unobtainable. I just can't stop loving EGL... It's the coolest! The cutest! The best!
Now, I just need to get better at coording...

8.4.2021  From yesterday.

Enjoying the sun mid-blink.
My highlight was seeing a guy taking his parrot for a walk. I also got hailed on!
Below is from the same day but with my Mickey-headbow instead. I got really impatient for spring so I put this on to pretend. Well, spring is here but it's windy and cold.

Made these recently, this is how they look worn. Looks like tiny moustaches?
I did update those bear buttons like I said I would, I'm happy with them for now.
I didn't really have anything to write about until now. Though, I did start on that dress I wanted to make. It will be a loong time til I finish it!
Hoping for warmer weather.

23.2.2021  Today I tried to update the appearance of this page, it's a WIP again I guess. I don't know if the border looks good. Maybe I should have made lace instead? I'll figure it out. I also want to make the bear buttons cuter. I already tried but they need to be... cuter...

I was able to wear a lot of cute clothes lately. Here's a pic from when it had snowed. It was nice to get a bit of snow... it's all gone again now though.

I finally finished that leopard bag, lol. I want to use it lots when it's spring!

This was the best photo... The bag wasn't hard to make, I just spent a really long time knitting the lace for some reason.
Speaking of knitting, I'm glad crocheting is so fashionable right now. I want to learn how to crochet too... :D

12.2.21  The date is symmetrical! I took a photo of me hanging out in my room.
I am once again wearing that dress.

My winter wardrobe is small, so I'd like to get some more pieces I can wear in winter. I've felt inspired to sew lately, so hopefully I'll be able to make what I have in mind. It's a bit hard to go fabric shopping right now.
Last year I tried to use the fabric scraps I had instead of buying new fabric, to avoid going outside. There wasn't much I could come up with, so I should probably use them for doll clothes. I wish my local shops sold more interesting lace, too.

21.1.2021  Click for my 2021 wardrobe post!

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