23.2.2021 Today I tried to update the appearance of this page, it's a WIP again I guess. I don't know if the border looks good. Maybe I should have made lace instead? I'll figure it out. I also want to make the bear buttons cuter. I already tried but they need to be... cuter...

I was able to wear a lot of cute clothes lately. Here's a pic from when it had snowed. It was nice to get a bit of snow... it's all gone again now though.

I finally finished that leopard bag, lol. I want to use it lots when it's spring!

This was the best photo... The bag wasn't hard to make, I just spent a really long time knitting the lace for some reason.
Speaking of knitting, I'm glad crocheting is so fashionable right now. I want to learn how to crochet too... :D

12.2.21 The date is symmetrical! I took a photo of me hanging out in my room.
I am once again wearing that dress.

My winter wardrobe is small, so I'd like to get some more pieces I can wear in winter. I've felt inspired to sew lately, so hopefully I'll be able to make what I have in mind. It's a bit hard to go fabric shopping right now.
Last year I tried to use the fabric scraps I had instead of buying new fabric, to avoid going outside. There wasn't much I could come up with, so I should probably use them for doll clothes. I wish my local shops sold more interesting lace, too.

21.1.2021 Click for my 2021 wardrobe post!